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How to tie the artiulated bream pike fly

Caddis fly project 2013 – #12 & 13

Here’s the next two in the series! It’s interesting to add up a couple of patterns that might not be that widely known or recognized but I want to have twenty patterns in the series that represents different styles and can be used in different conditions.

Number 12 – the Mikulak sedge
A big caddis pattern from Canada and fly tyer Art Mikulak. A really big almost attrator like pattern that should do some serious damage when the big caddis are hatching. I’ve found that there is a very similar pattern named “Nelson caddis” out there too.



Number 13 – The Snow shoe caddis
This is a pattern that sent me off on a wild freestyle for a few days. I hadn’t tied with snow shoe hare before and when I finally (wasn’t very easy to get hold of) got my hands on some paws I absolutely loved the stuff and freestyled several patterns with it. BUT, this is the original Snow shoe caddis from Martin Westbeek from Holland. You can tie it in a couple of different ways, especially the head, but if you want to do the original Westbeek pattern you can check this step-by-step article out:


En garde!

The way of the /:fly:/ baby!


Gold and green!

Gold and green baby! Again with hollow fly support from Bug Bond! There’s a step-by- step comming up on this very soon!

When they need provoking

Two years ago I found myself a little hooked on big foam flies and developed my own hopper/beetle/caddis/stonefly mutant hybrid called The Blasphemy hopper. So far I’ve had some of the most cruel takes ever on this fly and so far I’ve lost more big trouts than I have landed on it. This is on one hand a good acknowledgment that this pattern is something special and on the other hand extremely frustrating! In Norway two years ago I lost a big trout after a couple of seconds after one of the most ferocious takes I’ve ever experienced and last summer I lost a trout that I saw the whole head of on 30 meters distance, a huge fish by all measurements.

It’s rather exciting now because I am sending a couple of this fly to Johan Nygren, guide and travel arranger, for him to test on the monster trouts of the Kola peninsula in Russia! This could be the chance for it to hook a +2 kg trout this summer since it seems I won’t get the chance myself :/

One thing that I have confidence in is the way the eyes are seen on the underside, I’ve always been a believer in eyes as a trigger point for predator fish. And big trouts are definitely predators!




Most fly fisherman have a special relationship with bugs don’t we? After all most flies we fish with are imitation of the different bugs that our beloved trouts eat. I’ve been taking some bug photos this summer, mostly terrestrial but still…



Deer hair frenzy

I tied these guys before the trip last week, both landed fish for me. I really, really love this olive dyed deer hair and it makes great G&H sedges and Stimulators! This olive Stimulator is by far the most successful variant for me over the past years, active fishing with these can give some rough takes to say the least!