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More of the small baitfish

One of the flies that we’ve had success with for sea trout is an old pattern called “Rac fish” that was a simple fly with a wing of fin racoon and a sort of cone head made from silliskinn or crystal skinn. I tried to adapt that to a fish skull pattern and this is the result, I think it came out nicely!


Small baitfish patterns

I’ve had ideas on doing very small baitfish patterns with the smallest size of the Fish skulls for quite some time and last night I finally got to it and sat down and tied a few variants. Very simple but looks very nice to me, both these uses only hackle tips for the body and a size 10 caddis style hook.

Blue pike tube

Having watched Niclaus Bauer tie his great pike tubes both in the US and at the show in Uppsala I am definitelly inspired. This blue pike tube is his style but with some differences added.


It’s not slow

It’s not that I’ve nothing to blog about. It’s a matter of not having a good tool to blog with! The screen to my laptop broke down three weeks ago and now I have an external screen to it but I have no good place to have it so I end up using it just when I really need to 😦

Will try to get hold of a used laptop soon but until then I might not be able to post as frequently as I want to. Sorry.

Last weekends mini show

So last weekend I got the opportunity for the second year in a row to come to Uppsala and tie at the “Sportfiskedagen” at Möller bil. Main organizer of this even is Niklas Dahlin, a friend of mine who also was with us to the US and has his main specialty in tying Catskill style flies.

The even is a great little show, hosted in this big car sales hall it attracts surprisingly many visitors. But with the line up there it is maybe not that surprising after all, some of the most well known as well as up and comming fly fishing profiles were there. There was a 8 man strong fly tying row, or rather seven men and one woman since Jeanette Linnarud was there tying great flies too! What was extra exciting was that Niklas had managed to get Steve Cooper there, if you don’t know him he owns one of the best business in skins and feathers in Europe; Cookshill Fly tying materials. Steve is also the one who organize the Brittish Fly fair every year, but this time he was there tying some really nice winged wet flies as well as showcasing some very nice feather skins.

All in all it was a great day, I even managed to get caught on this photo that my friend Marc Fauvet shoot of me while zapping the Bug Bond on one of those Still got the blues for you baitfish flies.

Gary Borger book project

When I was at the Somerset show I got the chance to talk a little with Gary Borger about fly tying, some casting tips and of course about his book project. Together with his son Jason they have started an epic book project where they are writing and publishing 20 fly fishing books over the course of several years. So far the first two (“Fishing the film” and “Reading waters”) are out and the next book is the first on flies, specifically on streamers called “Long flies”.

To make a long story short, Gary liked my “Still got the blues for you” streamer so much he wanted to include it in that book. I am just honored and it feels extra special when I read this from his blog, thanks Gary and Jason!

More pike tubes

I threw in some  blue and kept a more dark tone, turned out nice again I think. Now if only I could get out and cast some of these to the toothy guys I would be even more satisfied

Pike tube

Ths week has been hectic but great! Both jobs have been very stimulating, a new position at my day job and orders comming in every day for the Grayling Dreams beat have kept me more than busy. I still owe you a story and photos from the Somerset show but last night my laptop kinda crashed  so I am not sure when I wille able to do that 😦

Anyway, last night I sat down and ties a pike fly that I really liked the color combo on, I liked it so much I chosed not to put eyes on it because Ididn’t wanna risk ruin the head.