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Another tying video done!

Having had so much fun doing that Wild thing tying video I decided to let the cat out of the bag and do one for my absolutely most successful fly of last season. I developed it as a tube fly during the spring but when I adjusted it as a articulated hook + shank fly during the summer it really started catching fish after fish! There are a few things that I can add that’s not visible in the video itself.

It’s tied using three layers of Nayat pelt over Bucktail that is gradually flared out more and more to create a fly that has a lot of volume but still a hollow take to it. In order to achieve the right effect consider this:

– Keep all layers of Bucktail quite sparse, that goes for the Nayat too, if the fly gets too bulky it will not move like it should and it will be hard to cast!
– First layer of bucktail is cut from top part of Bucktail where it’s not as hollow and will not flare out as much when tied in.
– Second layer is cut from bottom of the tail where the hairs are more hollow but is tied in with the tips pointing back
– Third layer is Bucktail that is cut from bottom of the tail and is tied in reverse style
– Back pair of sadle hackles should be just slightly longer than the Nayat tail, and the flash on top of that just slightly longer than the feathers. This creates a nice tapered effect to the tail.

Have fun!

My first flytying video

Here it is, my first not so very professional fly tying video. Very much inspired by the guys at Fly fishing the ozarks and Brian Wise’s fly tying videos there, just not as good as theirs! Anyway, here’s The wild thing pike fly for you, hope you’ll enjoy it!

A little bit about the fly itself. At a first glance it looks like an obvious re-take on the classic Rac zonker pike and you can say it is but it did actually come to life as a try to upsizing one of my favourite large streamers for trout; the Red rocket from Micke Schmidt. Having met Mike a couple of times I gotta say that he’s one of the most creative and focused fly tyers I have had to privilige to watch tie. In the process of upsizing his pattern I went about and replaced every singel material from the original which probably makes this more of its own pattern than a variant of Mike’s orginial. But I still want to give credit to him for the inspiration!


I so need to try fly fishing for Tarpoon at least once in my life, this gave me serious goosebumps watching.

Riding High: A Season on the Fly from Waterline Media on Vimeo.

The flight to crystal river

Another little video cut together from the flight out to the river we fished about a month ago. It was a fantastic scenery and it is a little sad that I didn’t film more of the flight than I did. There are a few nice shots there but it is far from doing any justice to the amazing mountain country we flew over.

At that point we were as excited as kids at christmas morning. Four buddies who hadn’t been on a real fishing trip for more than three years, sitting ourselves in a helicopter about to fly out to a potentially great river. If the fishing wasn’t enough to look forward to, the helicopter flight kinda makes it double the excitement. If you have ever been flown out to a river with a helicopter you know exactly what I am talking about. I mean, c’mon we’re guys, we love anything with an engine and if it also flies it is just fantastic!

So here it is, the flight to crystal river, going on our way, the way of the /:Fly:/

The crystal river

For the first time I had a digital video camera with me on this summers fishing trip to the river that I have named Crystal river from its crystal clear waters and its beauty. I didn’t film that much but it turned out to be 20-30 minutes or so. It’s not a very good cam, I am probably gonna get myself a GoPro Hero for next year but it had to do for this time.

I am gonna try and cut a short little film from all the material sometimes this fall, will be a good project when the darkness and cold begins to creep up on us here. But for now I just wanted to publish this very short panning of the river itself, this was just where we had our camp some ten meters behind where I was standing filming this.

Upstream you see some of the mountain tops where the snow were still laying, and on the opposite side of the river you see the top where we went up to the lake looking for char on day four and at the end you see where the rapids run out into “home pool”. This stretch is quite representative for how the general profile of the river was. Rapids, and pools, and untouched fantastic nature scenery. I want to go back there.