Old projects

Old projects

Grayling Dreams was my business and my most serious project. It’s was a distributors business where I imported products connected to fly fishing and fly tying to dealers in Scandinavia. My focus was on finding products that was unique in some way. I ran it from Januari 2011 to january 2013, just over two years.

It was not always easy to try and run your own business beside a regular office hours job but so far it has worked pretty smoothly.

Since our clients are scandinavian and mostly Swedish retailers the whole site is in Swedish.

Elmerfishing is my homies, my fishing buddies and the best friends a long shank with doubtful social skills like myself could ever hope for. These are the guys that got me into fly fishing just oer ten years ago and the elmerfishing.com web has been around almost as long as that.

It started as a pure fishing club site and the first 3-4 versions I did all the administration. Since a few years back we are running it more like a social fly fishing portal running on Joomla.

Unfortunately it has degenerated over the past couple of years but I am hoping we can get it back to a more frequently updated site again.

Previous projects

 The Flies and lives of Ulf Hagstrom was my previous blog. I ran it for almost three years with some longer periods without updates. It never had a good profile, it was a little to unstructured and it probably only attracted people more into fly tying than fly fishing.

I still enjoyed it very much, and I am gonna bring in some thing from it here, like the step-by-step fly tying articles and the product reviews.

 Artonhook.com was a site I ran for me and my friend Leif Örtenholm. It was a way of profiling mostly our super realistic flies and when stopped doing those on a larger scale we turned it into a gallery site for both our fishing flies and our super realistic flies.

It was a fun time we had and it taught me a lot about fly tying and made me a lot of friends. During that time we were also both very active in the forums on the internet around realistic fly tying. But in the end it was all the strange feuds on those that made me start my own blog.

 700teeth.com was my shortest living project but one of the funniest! It was a site totally devoted to fly fishing for pike. It had galleries, fly tying sections, t-shirts and a forum. One of the few forums (only?) totaly devoted to pike fly fishing it attracted a lot of people from across the world.

In the end it was private problems that kept keeping me away from updating and moderating it so I decided to merge it with Elmerfishing.com so that I could get some help moderating and updating. Unfortunately that site suffered the same problem with few updates after this.

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