I am Ulf Hagström, I am closing in to become 40 years old and I have chosen my way, the way of the fly.

I’ve been fishing my entire life, going along with my brother and father in the archipelago of Stockholm fishing for pike and perch in the spring, summer and fall and then ice fishing in the winters. Fishing was as natural to us as any other thing in life such as food or shelter. Those days are still very important to me and as I today fish the same waters as I did back then but now with my own son I often get the feeling that the circle is closed and that I have started to pass on the legacy to the next generation.

But fly fishing came into my life, emptying my bank account and giving me a fever for trout and grayling as I started to travel north to hidden mountain streams and fast flowing rivers. Still loving the hunt for the pikes I also adapted fly fishing to my home waters and my fishing interest got even bigger. At the same time as I started fly fishing I also started tying flies, and that also put me on paths that I had never travelled on before. I quickly fell in love with it and discovered that I had some kind of talent to learn quickly and started develop my own patterns and variants. Somewhere around 2003 I found realistic fly tying on the internet and have ever since then been in love with the challenge of trying to adapt a realistic appearance with fishable attributes.

I’ve been lucky to have gotten the chance to come out to different fly fishing shows around the world to tie my flies and talk about them. During these years that I have been around shows I have met and made friends with so many people and the friendship in the fly fishing community has really blown me away.

I’ve been active on the internet around fly fishing sites and forums almost as long as I have fly fished, and I have had a handful of projects on my own. Previous to this blog project I ran my blogg “The flies and lives of Ulf Hagström” for almost three years but I felt it was time to move on and make something clearer with more profiled posts and also have other people come in and help me form this new project of mine.

Beside my fly fishing / fly tying passion I have two fantastic (and I mean FANTASTIC) sons; Kristoffer who was born 2004 and Wilmer who came early 2009. These two guys might keep me away from fishing from time to time but what I get from them are things that nothing else in life could ever give me, and as bigger as they get they become more and more involved in my fishing

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