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Gary Borger book project

When I was at the Somerset show I got the chance to talk a little with Gary Borger about fly tying, some casting tips and of course about his book project. Together with his son Jason they have started an epic book project where they are writing and publishing 20 fly fishing books over the course of several years. So far the first two (“Fishing the film” and “Reading waters”) are out and the next book is the first on flies, specifically on streamers called “Long flies”.

To make a long story short, Gary liked my “Still got the blues for you” streamer so much he wanted to include it in that book. I am just honored and it feels extra special when I read this from his blog, thanks Gary and Jason!

I am a thief?

Apparently I am currently being accused of being a thief. Yep, it is dead serious and very saddening and annoying.

In the German bi-lingual magazine Fly and Tie I had an article on a foam mayfly called “The last of the mohicans” which of course was a direct referral towards the classic Mohican Mayfly pattern developed by Oliver Edwards, the pattern that my foam mayfly was totally a variant of. The intro of the text I wrote for the article was completely devoted to describing how I got inspired by that pattern from Mr Edwards and giving him total credit for everything.

Now, when the article got in print I discovered to my surprise that this text had been edited out for the final article. Even though I  got annoyed with this I thought that clearly everyone will understand that this is just a simpler variant of the original OE pattern. Well that is not the case. On june 6th I sent this to the editor:

“…I was a little concerned though that you chosed to leave out all of the part about the pattern being a variation of the Oliver Edwards original pattern. I would very much liked that to have remained. “

I have always given full credit to anyone that I have gotten inspired to when tying flies, and I have always been very humble about the fact that very few of the patterns we create are totally unique, we always borrow things from other flies and other tiers and it is important to give credit back to those tiers.

I am not gonna be called a thief because a sloppy editor decided on his own to remove some of my text, so tonight I am publishing to full original article complete with step by step instructions here so that the record gets set straight.

Fly and tie magazine #4

The other day I recieved the fourth issue of German produced /:Fly:/ fishing and /:Fly:/tying magazine Fly and Tie magazine. A serious try at producing a bilingual /:Fly:/fishing magazine where all articles are on both German and English. The two editors Siegbert Stümke and Thorsten Strüben has used their connections in the /:Fly:/tying world to get some well known /:Fly:/tyers and /:Fly:/ fishermen to contribute with articles.

I have contributed both to issue number three (how to tie the foam mayfly) and now also to issue number four with an article on my wiggle baitfish and wiggle flies in general. The issue was good with some really high class fly tying articles and my article turned out nicely too but I was a little annoyed to see that they (despite my clear instructions) had missed to credit my friend Johan Nygren who supplies some awesome photos of fish from Iceland. Johan was nice enough to let me use them for the article with the only “payment” being that he’d be credited for the photos, which he wasn’t. Oh well, it was a nice issue never the less.

Well, I wish Siegbert and Thorsten good luck with this magazine project of theirs in future!

I am on TV!

Or rather my fly is!

I met Englishman Chris Sandford at the Dutch fly fair last year and I found him to be a great guy to hang out with. Witty, possitive, kind and very knowledgeable. What was extra fun was that he really liked my flies and especially my old “Killer mayfly” pattern, my very oldest pattern that has gone virtually unchanged over the years.

Now a couple of months back I got an e-mail from him where he told me what tremendous success he had with this fly and attached a photo of an amazingly big brown at 9.6 Lbs from the river Test that he had caught on this fly! What a catch, and on a dry fly too!

Chris is a regular in angling press in the UK writing columns and appearing on TV, he’s also a well known tackle collector and fly tyer. Now on the latest episode of “Tight lines” on  SKY sports, the only full national fishing program on TV, he went on and talked about that big trout from the test and my fly. I am gonna need a bigger hat if people like him go on national TV and says “He’s an absolut genius” 😀

Here’s a link to the Podcast, the part with my pattern is just in the beginning. If you look at Chris fly and my original below you see that they are a little different though, that’s probably why he caught such big fish on it and I have never caught a fish over two pounds on mine

My original "killer" mayfly

Chris's monster brown caught on a "killer"