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There’s one in every office pt. VI

Another great t-shirt cortesy of Fish west and Hatch Fly fishing reels. I LIKE! 🙂


There’s one in every office part V

Hatch reels T-shirt and the way of the /:Fly:/ – office style!

There’s one in every office pt.IV

The way of the /:Fly:/ troutrageus style! Thanks a million Michael Agneta at!

I need your T-shirt!

What more could you possibly wish for your branded T-shirt than for it to be seen on me with a suit jacket in my office!!!! …, well probably a whole lot more but let’s just pretend that you don’t have higher ambitions than that!

Yes sir, this is a roll call to all of the /:Fly:/ fishing community!

As you probably know (yeah, who am I kidding) I have started a series of blog post where I post photos of me running around in the office with fly fishing related t-shirt on called There’s one in every office. Now I don’t have an unlimited amount of /:Fly:/ fishing t-shirts laying around, so eventually I am gonna run out of them!

So that is why I shamelessly want YOU to send me your /:Fly:/ fishing related t-shirt, if you are a manufacturer of /:Fly:/ fishing products, shop owner, blogger, magazine editor or just someone who likes to print /:Fly:/ fishing related clothes then I need your T-shirt! The more rare the better! (Okay, so if you don’t want to send me one for free then second best would be to send me a link to where I can buy it instead!)

The /:Fly:/ revolution will not be on the six o’clock news!

There’s one in every office pt.III

I am gonna run out of fly fishing related t-shirts… or get fired while trying! I hadn’t used my old G.Loomis T-shirt in a while, but for this series it fitted right in.

Keep walking the way of the /:Fly:/, the revolution will not be televised!

Sorry for the grim look, I was getting yelled at by my boss. No I lied I was just trying to look cool

There’s one in every office II

Todays “being rebellious at the office by wearing a fly fishing related T-shirt to my suite jacket” features yours truly in the fantastic Pike Head t-shirt designed by my Scottish friend Dougie Loughridge.

The revolution will be by the way of the /:Fly:/ my friends!

What a grim looking critter, and that pike looks mean too!


There’s one in every office

If you go to any average office in the western world. And get off the elevator at any random floor. And walk around at any office landscape looking at people. You will at any average office in the western world see a lot of men in suits, some of them with ties and some of then with only shirts. There are one or two wearing a pair of braces. Heck, if you are lucky you might even see someone wearing a bow fly.

But at any average office, at any random floor at any office landscape, cubicles or rooms you will also find one guy. The guy who wears sneakers and jeans. They guy who wears a suit jacket, but no shirt. The guy who always comes with just a t-shirt to his suite jacket.  He does a remarkable job, but no one quite gets how he’s doing it because it seems like he is always just walking around drinking coffee.

So in every average office, on any random floor, in any cubicle or landscape there is this one guy who always goes his own way, the way of the /:Fly:/

The way of the fly - office style! Just stick around, there will be more!