Caddis fly project 2013 – #12 & 13

Here’s the next two in the series! It’s interesting to add up a couple of patterns that might not be that widely known or recognized but I want to have twenty patterns in the series that represents different styles and can be used in different conditions.

Number 12 – the Mikulak sedge
A big caddis pattern from Canada and fly tyer Art Mikulak. A really big almost attrator like pattern that should do some serious damage when the big caddis are hatching. I’ve found that there is a very similar pattern named “Nelson caddis” out there too.



Number 13 – The Snow shoe caddis
This is a pattern that sent me off on a wild freestyle for a few days. I hadn’t tied with snow shoe hare before and when I finally (wasn’t very easy to get hold of) got my hands on some paws I absolutely loved the stuff and freestyled several patterns with it. BUT, this is the original Snow shoe caddis from Martin Westbeek from Holland. You can tie it in a couple of different ways, especially the head, but if you want to do the original Westbeek pattern you can check this step-by-step article out:


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One response to “Caddis fly project 2013 – #12 & 13

  • testingloa2013

    Love this site! Beautiful flies. I live in the interior of BC and the Mikulak Sedge is so special to me I try to time it so I can catch the Traveller Sedge hatch this pattern matches. Around June depending on elevation. I have heard others say, and I ‘ve have seen it myself,….If you cast this pattern beside a natural, the trout will choose the Mikulak sedge first.

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