Monthly Archives: December 2013

Foxy Tails pro team

One thing that has happen during 2013 is that I deepened my cooperation with the good people of Foxy tails. For you who don’t know they are a UK based company that stocks mainly some of the best natural fly tying material there is. Having been focused on Salmon and sea trout fly tying they wanted to move more into Predator fly tying and I came in this past summer to help them promote some of their great stuff.

I would never promote something that I don’t like myself or have no use for and to be honest since I got my first Foxy tails materials every single pike fly of mine has had at least one material from Foxy tails, it’s that good. They also brought a new material to my attention that has quickly become my favorite material for my pike flies; Nayat hairs!

Here’s a few of my promotion flies for Foxy tails from these past months, all of these have also been fished with and every single one has caught fish too. So they might be used for promotion but they are all fishing flies that work great for me!

s_IMG_0285_FT_SQ s_IMG_0287_FT_SQ s_IMG_0289_FT_SQ s_IMG_1425_FT s_IMG_1427_FT s_IMG_1430_FT s_IMG_1461_2 s_IMG_9927_FT_SQ 1073998_435334109908356_1833405015_o s_IMG_0282_FT_SQ