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The last fly of 2013!

December has been crazy, with Kristoffers birthday on the 16th, christmas and a tough time at work I haven’t had time for much else. Now I’ve been on a weeks vacation and have one more week left so finally I am beginning to feel calm and on track again. Now I am planning for a pike fishing outing early 2013.

This fly is a real monster of a pike fly, articulated with the Steelhead and Salmon shank from Flymen company, a Partridge 3/0 Stinger hook and a Stinger 1/0 hook on a wire for those tail biter! Materials include sadle hackles, schlappen feathers, rabbit zonker, whiting flatwing feathers, fin rac hair and wool…. and probably some more stuff too! 😀

With this I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!