Pike and dry fly trout fishing in the same trip

After a summer that so far hasn’t involved much more fishing than three trips to my local waters with the kids for pike and perch fishing I all of a sudden find myself on the road for a small fishing trip up to Dalarna about 30 km north of me. Tuesday afternoon and evening was to be spent fly fishing for pike in one of the largest river in Sweden, the might Dalälven! I’ve been talking to Tommy Lönnebacke that works as a guide up there for some time now to come fish with him and finally I got the chance. The conditions were however a little too good, sunny weather and no wind at all made it very hard. We had about six strikes that we missed all of them and it seamed we only had one shot at each fish. Anyway, there were some of the nicest pike waters I have ever fished and I will be back this autumn when the fishing is at its peak. Here’s a few photos from that evening:ImageImageImage

On wednesday morning I jumped in the car early and drove an hour to meet up my good friend Niklas Dahlin (http://mulhonken.blogspot.se/) for some dry fly fishing in a little forest river outside Falun. It’s a private stretch of the river owned by a fishing community of about 50 fishermen, I was lucky to be able to come as a guest.

The river flows beautifully trough the woods, it’s challenging and wild and you really need those switch casts to be able to cast at all in many places. We were struck with heavy rain for about two hours before lunch but eventually iut cleared in the afternoon for nice and sunny weather. I had a blast and caught three trouts and two rainbows, the biggest at about 1 kg. It was a great day, a beautiful river with beautiful fish in it. The were rising a lot but there were still not just picking them, I had one trout that I cast about 30 cast on with almost the same amount of flies but it refused to take anything. I’ll definitely try and go back there if I get the chance!


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