When they need provoking

Two years ago I found myself a little hooked on big foam flies and developed my own hopper/beetle/caddis/stonefly mutant hybrid called The Blasphemy hopper. So far I’ve had some of the most cruel takes ever on this fly and so far I’ve lost more big trouts than I have landed on it. This is on one hand a good acknowledgment that this pattern is something special and on the other hand extremely frustrating! In Norway two years ago I lost a big trout after a couple of seconds after one of the most ferocious takes I’ve ever experienced and last summer I lost a trout that I saw the whole head of on 30 meters distance, a huge fish by all measurements.

It’s rather exciting now because I am sending a couple of this fly to Johan Nygren, guide and travel arranger, for him to test on the monster trouts of the Kola peninsula in Russia! This could be the chance for it to hook a +2 kg trout this summer since it seems I won’t get the chance myself :/

One thing that I have confidence in is the way the eyes are seen on the underside, I’ve always been a believer in eyes as a trigger point for predator fish. And big trouts are definitely predators!



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One response to “When they need provoking

  • Seth

    Its interesting that you would describe this bug the way you did, because, my first reaction was, “What is that thing??” It’s big and buggy and I bet the fish love it.

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