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Caddis fly project 2013 – #8 & 9

I’ve been tying more than I’ve had time to put up here. But I am gonna try and catch up with a post a day here. For number 8 and 9 I’ve chosen two patterns that I haven’t fished that much myself but both are regarded as top caddis patterns by the ones who fish them more than I’ve done.

Number 8 CDC bubble caddis
This is a pattern that comes from fly tying legend Oliver Edwards and his Masterclass DVD’s. What I’ve done with it is that I’ve used an additional CDC feather and also when I fold the feathers to create the bubble is that I keep them at different lenght to create a body in sections like this.


Number 9 – Brun’s caddis
A great pattern for caddis in size 16-18. From Norweigian André Brun this is a fly that has a tail and a wing from poly yarn. The body hackle is clipped on the underside which makes the fly sit low in the water film.


Caddis fly project 2013 – #6 & 7



Number 6 – the UH Sedge hog
A sedge hog is a traditional brittish (Irish?) pattern that uses sections of deer hair on the top of the shank to create a thick non sinkable caddis profile. On my version I wind CDC in a dubbing loop between each section of deer hair to create a more living pattern and to add even more boyance.


Number 7 – The X caddis
This pattern is made originally by Craig Matthews, and it is a good example of a minimalistic pattern that works really well! Imitating an emerging or stillborn caddis I have found it works best in size 16 i these colors. I’ve not nearly fished this one enough, so this comming season I am stocking up with more of these in my box!



Caddis fly project 2013 – #4 & 5

Here’s the next two caddis patterns that I’ve been tying for this winter project.

Number 4 – Elk Hair caddis
A true classic pattern from american Al Troth, most of us has fished this at one time or another. I like it in smaller sizes, this one here is size 16, and fish it more or less dead drift. Works really good in still water as well as in streams!


Number 5 – Craven’s muggly caddis
Here’s a pattern that has all the potential of becomming a modern classic dry fly. Buggy and boyant at the same time it has been one my absolute favourites the past three seasons and will most certainly remain in my box for many years!