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Some music while waiting

I’ve been in a combination of way to much to do at work with exhaustion from our Wilmer being sick with fever and being up in the middle of the night. So I’ve been far from productive these past few days. So while you wait for something intelligent (now that can take a while!) in the form of a meaningful post, enjoy some diverse music that i listen to right now!


Fishing tomorrow – new rods to try

This week two rods arrived for me to try! One nine weigth and one eight weight, one high profile and one (regarded by some) not as high profile. I am excited to try both out.

The one that some might regard as a rod that is not high profile (someone called it a beginners rod) is a Temple Fork Outfitter rod, a Jim Teeny special 9″ 9 weight 4 pieces. It looks to be a real stick of a nine weight and I have good feeling for pike fly fishing with it. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the TFO rods and just because it is a cheaper rod than many more famous brands doesn’t necessary mean it is a bad rod.

The other one is a Orvis Access Tip Flex 11″ 8 weight 4 pieces, a real classy rod but in a (for me) very odd length. I have however been wanting to try a longer rod for float tube fishing and depending on how the feel is in this one I might use if for coastal sea trout fishing solely, but if it will be able to handle good size flies I might use it for pike fishing too. Never the less it has a look and feel of a real classy rod and the reaction from people on Facebook and other places are that it is a fantastic rod so I am stocked to try it! Unfortunately I don’t have a reel set up with an eight weight yet so tomorrow I am gonna try it with the nine weight line, you never know some rods are perfect for over classing the line.

This week has been rough in many senses and I am very glad that I am gonna be able to go out for a couple of hours fishing tomorrow again. I had plans to tie much more flies than I did (one pike fly and one SGTBFY baitfish) and I really had the fly tying mood in but it might just be good to hold it back a few days more so that I really enjoy it again. Fly tying seem to come in waves for me these days and if I am not in the mood I just can’t be convinced to sit down and tie.

Through the blog of Mat Trevor (, which by the way is excellent reading (put it up on my blogg roll too) I found a new band that blew me away; The Stanfields. I’ve been listening to their fantastic debut album all week. Give them a listen!