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Home from US

So I am back home from the show in the US. All sorts of impressions I need to sort out, I had such a great time it is hard to sort all and write something solid right away. The overwhelming welcome and friendship will stick with me for a long time.

Full report and more photos later this week.

International fly tying symposium USA

So tomorrow at this time (local time) I’ll be landing at JFK airport in NY for my partricipation at the International fly tying symposium in Somerset NJ! Can’t wait to get there, meet up with so many friends, meet the public, tie flies and just have a fantastic time!

Full report when I get back!


..and one more

This time a copper version with no legs. A color known to work really well around the big island of Gotland. I am gonna put these in the hands of some friends of mine who usually fish there regularly.


Variant of that shrimp

Did that shrimp in pink (everyone seem to love pink since that “Pattegrisen” hype started) but also added rubber legs to it, looks deadly!

FT&FF competition

If you can get your hands on the December issue of Fly fishing & Fly tying magazine from the UK you shouldn’t miss out on this competition. Great prices in the form of Bug Bond kits and a fly tying vise many sees as one of the best!


Tying the electric shrimp

Hook: Partridge YK12ST size 10
Body: Super flash dubbing
Legs and antennas: blue crystal flash
Shellback: Blue flashback foil covered with bug bond

I got a lot of questions on that shrimp I posted the other day and people asked me for a step-by-step and since it is quite a fast fly to tie I sat down and did one tonight. Ain’t I a swell guy! 🙂 It is a very easy pattern but still looks great, a lot of suggested movement and rides up side down. Please fell free to try other colors if you don’t like the blue one.

Step 1 – add a strip of tungsten sheet to the top of the hook shank, this will let the fly go the way we want it, upside down. Tie it in and treat the whole tie in area with super glue to prevent it from slipping around the hook.

Step 2 -tie in a couple of shrimp eyes. I make mine by dipping tippet material that I have touched with a flame at the ends in Bug Bond and then colour it black.

Step 3 – add some 6-8 strands of crystal flash to mimic both antennas and legs just behind the eyes.

Step 4 – Dubb the thread quite heavily, preferably trough a dubbing loop because that will make it easier when you comb it out later. And wind the dubbing from the eyes and backwards about one third of the hook shank.

Step 5 – Go to the hook eye and and dub the thread again quite heavily.

Step 6 – dubb your way forward to the thorax area, should look something like this, quite ugly for the moment but it will get better!

Step 7 – use a piece of velcro or simillar and comb out the dubbing properly and make sure you comb it all down and forward, now it starts to look better!

Step 8 -cut a shell back to shape, I like this Flash back foil from Sybai, then place a thin layer of super glue along the top of the fly and place the foil there.

Step 9 – rib the fly backwards in progressively smaller segment to the hook eye.

Step 10 – if you want you can add a little triangular piece of the back material as a tail over the hook eye.

Step 11 – Finish it all off with a layer of bug bond on the back and cut down the combed out dubbing to a tapered look, voila!

Electric shrimp

So it’s been a very warm autumn so far. We are now soon a week into November and the temperatures are around the ten degree celcius mark almost every day. This means that the sea trout season here around the coast have not yet started for real but it is about to soon. I do some sea trout fishing every year but as you know I prefer the pike fishign around the coast. I do however have friends that are quite obsessed with it and it was in consideration to them I sat down and experimented up with this little shrimp pattern. Looks electric doesn’t it?

Hook: Partridge YK12ST size 10
Body: Super flash dubbing
Legs and antennas: blue crystal flash
Shellback: Blue flashback foil covered with bug bond

Had a go at a smaller shrimp pattern for the coastal sea trout fishing here. Easy pattern with weighting on top of the hook to make it go up side down.

Hook: Partridge YK12ST size 10
Body: Super flash dubbing
Legs and antennas: blue crystal flash
Shellback: Blue flashback foil covered with bug bond

First super realistic in two years

After having done that SBS with the realistic legs the other day I kind of just kept going and did my first super realistic in two years. And I played it safe and did a bumble bee, the one pattern I’ve done the most over the years.

I gotta say that I am quite happy with how it turned out considering it has been two years. Will be good to bring with me to the Somerset show in three weeks!

It’s gonna be a while

Seriously, if you are a dry fly fisherman like me there are not many things that beats the hatching of the big mayflies. Especially if you liver here in Scandinavia where we don’t get the same big hatching of big stoneflies like they do in some places in the US. But when you do like I did last night and sit down and tie some imitations of the big mayflies you realize that it is gonna be a while until you get to experience it again. But it is okay to dream about it already isn’t i?