Monthly Archives: September 2011

Back in black!

At the vise

So last night I sat down with another good IPA beside me and started tying up the SGTBFY baitfish that I prepared feathers for the other day. It feels good to have gotten started with my flies for Sommerset! Notice the black version!


Friday finally



There’s one in every office pt. VI

Another great t-shirt cortesy of Fish west and Hatch Fly fishing reels. I LIKE! 🙂



20 Bug Bonded mallard feathers for 10 Still got the Blues for you baitfish. I’ve started!

Some music while waiting

I’ve been in a combination of way to much to do at work with exhaustion from our Wilmer being sick with fever and being up in the middle of the night. So I’ve been far from productive these past few days. So while you wait for something intelligent (now that can take a while!) in the form of a meaningful post, enjoy some diverse music that i listen to right now!


The ones closest

My oldest son Kristoffer said to me this evening: “dad, it’s not important to have cool looking shoes. The important thing is that you aren’t without shoes”.

Sometimes I think I might have done something right after all