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Swedish sportfishing fair 23-25 March

So this year saw me doing two big shows in Sweden with just two weeks apart. This second one is all in all a smaller show but since it is just a fishing show (thew other one is wilderness fair together with fly fishing) it probably is more fishermen comming than the Swedish fly fishing show.

A big venue and probably one third of it was pure fly fishing exhibitors. A whole lot of more of the big names like LOOP, Vision, Guideline etc. was there along with both a whole lot of shops and smaller stand with rod builders, guides, fish wood carvers and many more. Also there were a high class fly tyers row there with a lot of well known names and familliar faces. It was great to meet friends like Chris Reeves, Trevor Jones, Caroline Emmet and Barry Ord clark again. Also Swedish tiers like Peter Scheffler, Martin Ågnell, Joel Björn, Nicklas Runarsson, “Big Nick” Dahlin, Johan Sterner, Daniel Barkman, Johan Klingberg and more was there. My very good friends Marc and Jeanette was also there along with so many more people that made this a great weekend.

All in all it was a great show, I met a lot of people, talked fly tying and fly fishing with so many of them and had a blast. One of the best things was that I got to bring Kristoffer with me the last day. He sat with me, walked around and talked to the other tiers and had a great day. I got him Barry Ord Clarks book which he got signed so now he has his own first fly tying book ( I will post a review of it later). Also Barry and many of the other tiers was ind enough to give Kristoffer flies which he proudly took with him to school the day after and showed his entire class. He had been introduces to the fly tying family and they welcomed him with opened arms and I was again the proud father ❤

Here’s some photos from the weekend! The fantastic deer hair flies are tied by Daniel Barkman, so cool!

Swedish fly fishing show 9-11 March 2012

So it was that time again of the year. Four days of mayhem, crowds and fantastic friendship. Yep, it was the Swedish fly fishing show again! The format was the same as it has been for the last years, a combination with the wilderness fair and beside the big boat fair. The biggest difference was that the Fly fishing show was more integrated to the Wilderness fair and also that it was completely opened to the bat fair too.

This gave the effect that it was way more weird boat people that ended up where we was, sometimes it was a lot of people there but most wasn’t into fly fishing at all which was a little frustrating. But all in all it was a good show, like it always is, and I met old and new friends and had many many laughs! My tying buddies at my table was Marc Fauvet and Jeanetta Linnarud which made the weekend even more pleasant. We had a great time together! Now in less than a week it is time for another show here in Sweden, the big Sportfishing fair!

Here’s some photos from the weekend!

Last weekends mini show

So last weekend I got the opportunity for the second year in a row to come to Uppsala and tie at the “Sportfiskedagen” at Möller bil. Main organizer of this even is Niklas Dahlin, a friend of mine who also was with us to the US and has his main specialty in tying Catskill style flies.

The even is a great little show, hosted in this big car sales hall it attracts surprisingly many visitors. But with the line up there it is maybe not that surprising after all, some of the most well known as well as up and comming fly fishing profiles were there. There was a 8 man strong fly tying row, or rather seven men and one woman since Jeanette Linnarud was there tying great flies too! What was extra exciting was that Niklas had managed to get Steve Cooper there, if you don’t know him he owns one of the best business in skins and feathers in Europe; Cookshill Fly tying materials. Steve is also the one who organize the Brittish Fly fair every year, but this time he was there tying some really nice winged wet flies as well as showcasing some very nice feather skins.

All in all it was a great day, I even managed to get caught on this photo that my friend Marc Fauvet shoot of me while zapping the Bug Bond on one of those Still got the blues for you baitfish flies.

Home from US

So I am back home from the show in the US. All sorts of impressions I need to sort out, I had such a great time it is hard to sort all and write something solid right away. The overwhelming welcome and friendship will stick with me for a long time.

Full report and more photos later this week.

International fly tying symposium USA

So tomorrow at this time (local time) I’ll be landing at JFK airport in NY for my partricipation at the International fly tying symposium in Somerset NJ! Can’t wait to get there, meet up with so many friends, meet the public, tie flies and just have a fantastic time!

Full report when I get back!