Photo albums

Up until I got myself my first DSLR camera 2010 taking photos was something that you did maybe just to have a  photo of that special fish. Now a days it has become another side interest and often I found myself a little torn between taking good photos and fishing. But seriously did I really need another hobby that I could spend unlimited (if I had any) amounts of cash on?

Here are some different photos albums from fishing, shows and maybe one or two fly tying albums as well. Will try and add both photos from older trips and of course add new albums from any fishing I go to. I’ve added them in the form of Photobucket slideshows, I hope you will enjoy them!

Fishing the Delikk river far up north 2011

The dry fly box project 2011

Spring fly fishing for pike 2011 (photos also by Marc Fauvet)

Fishing River Rena in Norway 2010

Super realistic display flies

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