There’s one in every office

If you go to any average office in the western world. And get off the elevator at any random floor. And walk around at any office landscape looking at people. You will at any average office in the western world see a lot of men in suits, some of them with ties and some of then with only shirts. There are one or two wearing a pair of braces. Heck, if you are lucky you might even see someone wearing a bow fly.

But at any average office, at any random floor at any office landscape, cubicles or rooms you will also find one guy. The guy who wears sneakers and jeans. They guy who wears a suit jacket, but no shirt. The guy who always comes with just a t-shirt to his suite jacket.  He does a remarkable job, but no one quite gets how he’s doing it because it seems like he is always just walking around drinking coffee.

So in every average office, on any random floor, in any cubicle or landscape there is this one guy who always goes his own way, the way of the /:Fly:/

The way of the fly - office style! Just stick around, there will be more!

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Fly fishing, fly tying, family and going your own way; the way of the fly. View all posts by Ulf Hagström

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