Guest blogger – Aleksandar Vrtaric

Today I start a section of guest bloggers here at “The way of the /:Fly:/”, people that I know that represents /:Fly:/ fishing in a way that I like, that have interesting view on stuff or are just plain funny. We start out with Aleksandar Vrtaric, an ethnic Slovenian who nowadays live in the city of Karlovac in Croatia. Aleksandar is a freelancing photographer who has really made a name for himself with breath taking /:Fly:/ fishing inspired photographing. I am very happy to have him on here describing a little about his passion for /:Fly:/ fishing and also sharing some of his amazing photos!

Check out more of Aleksandars work at HTTP:// 

The way of the /:Fly:/ according to Aleksandar Vrtaric

Some people are addicted to drugs, some to alcohol, cigarettes, shopping, religion or gambling and some are addicted to fly fishing. Well, hello there! My name is Aleksandar Vrtaric and I am a fly fishing addict. To me, fly fishing is an amazing prism that breaks into many different colors, a passion and a game. Like any other addiction, fly fishing it is a way to cope, to hide and escape, to feel happy, satisfied and fulfilled and to belong.

Of course, having my camera along makes it even more fun and I am having great times trying to capture the sweetes addiction with all its parts and stages. It may be a fish, it may be an angler, it may be me, it may be an insect, a carefully tied fly or a unique scenery – being a fly angler means that you are constantly surrounded by inspiration and being a true addict normally means you want more. I am and addict. Do I want to be cured? Hell, no!!!  I want more!!!

All photos above are full copyright Aleksandar Vrtaric 2011.

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