Photo – a long time ago

A long time ago I wasn’t very experienced with fly fishing. I am not sure I am nowadays either, but probably a little less inexperienced.

That day, a long time ago I went out on an early April morning to fly fish for pike. I had two of my best friends with me, Surpuppan and the Bear foot.

And when we got out there, a long time ago, we ended up in the middle of a blizzard, but caught a whole lot of nice sized pike. We were pleased.

A you know what, a long time ago I hooked into something that I thought was another pike, but it turned out to be something silvery instead.

That day I was happy, like every other day that I get to fish, but maybe I was a little extra happy that day. Because that day in the blizzard, a long time ago now, I caught a nine pound sea run trout on a big Pike fly.

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