Photo – Wet look

This fly was a new pattern for this season, and so far I haven’t caught anything worth mentioning but I almost did this spring. As me and my son was pike fishing in April this huge sea trout comes swimming in over shallow waters. I sight fished on him for ten minutes and this fly was the only one that he turned after and it looked as he was going to strike it but then kinda changes his mind and swam the other way. It was fantastic to see it but frustrating not getting him to strike!

I shot this photo while experimenting with a home made light box this past spring. I love those “Fish skulls”!

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4 responses to “Photo – Wet look

  • marc fauvet

    and they look even better in real ! me love !

  • Marcus

    Ulf – Others may have reported this already, but about half of the photos you post (including this one) will not show up when I try ot read your new blog–both in an RSS feed and on the main page. I don’t know if it is because I am reading it on another continent (I am in the US) but it never happened on your old blog.

  • Ulf Hagström

    Marcus this is troublesome, I wasn’t aware of this! I think that I have a lot of readers from the US and no one else has reported any problems in seeing the photos. I’ll listen around a little more!

    I alternate between linking to photos from my Photobucket account and uploading it to WordPress. Maybe it is the photos from Photobucket not working…. Hmmmm. I am guessing that the photo in this post didn’t show up?

  • Marcus

    Actually, it is showing up now, but it was not last night. In fact, all of your photos seem to be showing up now. Strange. It was not just on one computer that this was happening. Both my home and work computers displayed it the same.

    Love the new blog. Keep up the good work.

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