Tying the electric shrimp

Hook: Partridge YK12ST size 10
Body: Super flash dubbing
Legs and antennas: blue crystal flash
Shellback: Blue flashback foil covered with bug bond

I got a lot of questions on that shrimp I posted the other day and people asked me for a step-by-step and since it is quite a fast fly to tie I sat down and did one tonight. Ain’t I a swell guy! 🙂 It is a very easy pattern but still looks great, a lot of suggested movement and rides up side down. Please fell free to try other colors if you don’t like the blue one.

Step 1 – add a strip of tungsten sheet to the top of the hook shank, this will let the fly go the way we want it, upside down. Tie it in and treat the whole tie in area with super glue to prevent it from slipping around the hook.

Step 2 -tie in a couple of shrimp eyes. I make mine by dipping tippet material that I have touched with a flame at the ends in Bug Bond and then colour it black.

Step 3 – add some 6-8 strands of crystal flash to mimic both antennas and legs just behind the eyes.

Step 4 – Dubb the thread quite heavily, preferably trough a dubbing loop because that will make it easier when you comb it out later. And wind the dubbing from the eyes and backwards about one third of the hook shank.

Step 5 – Go to the hook eye and and dub the thread again quite heavily.

Step 6 – dubb your way forward to the thorax area, should look something like this, quite ugly for the moment but it will get better!

Step 7 – use a piece of velcro or simillar and comb out the dubbing properly and make sure you comb it all down and forward, now it starts to look better!

Step 8 -cut a shell back to shape, I like this Flash back foil from Sybai, then place a thin layer of super glue along the top of the fly and place the foil there.

Step 9 – rib the fly backwards in progressively smaller segment to the hook eye.

Step 10 – if you want you can add a little triangular piece of the back material as a tail over the hook eye.

Step 11 – Finish it all off with a layer of bug bond on the back and cut down the combed out dubbing to a tapered look, voila!


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