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I had plans for today

I had plans for a step-by-step fly tying article tonight. But I feel like crap, been sick all evening and it feels like I’ve gotten a fever too. Bummer. Oh well there’s always tomorrow. G’night!

A sense of coherence

Do you have a sense of coherence? Do /:Fly:/ fishermen in general have a stronger sense of coherence than other people? I believe so.

Let’s start from the top. The “Sense of coherence” is a theoretical model presented by Aaron Antonovsky an Israeli American sociologist and academician whose work concerned the relationship between stress, health and well-being. Antonovsky claimed that a person is never either completely healthy or completely sick, instead we move between the poles healty and sick and it is the amount of sense of coherence that goverens which pole we are most attracted to.

Without getting in to too much psychological theoretical nonsense the Sense of coherence is a persons way to find meaningfulness in every thing that happens in life, to find coherence in every action and reaction. Basically the model concentrates on three things:

  • Comprehensibility: a belief that things happen in an orderly and predictable fashion and a sense that you can understand events in your life and reasonably predict what will happen in the future.
  • Manageability: a belief that you have the skills or ability, the support, the help, or the resources necessary to take care of things, and that things are manageable and within your control.
  • Meaningfulness: a belief that things in life are interesting and a source of satisfaction, that things are really worth it and that there is good reason or purpose to care about what happens.*

The third element is by far the most important according to Antonovsky. The more meaningfulness a person feels the healthier he/she will be and feel. And also all of this will make it easier for you to handle challenges in life and being able to handle challenges will in turn make your sense of coherence even stronger making you generally healthier!

I am not one for generalizing but I do feel strongly that /:Fly:/ fishermen and women in general have a stronger sense of coherence. Maybe it is because we often spend more time in untouched nature, making it easier for us to see how we fit in in nature. Or maybe it is because we feel a belonging sharing such a deep passion for something with other like minded, and that no matter what crisis will happen in our life we always have the safeness of /:Fly:/ fishing to fall back to?

A friend of mine once said “My early teens was not good and it wasn’t until I found /:Fly:/ fishing that I found a meaning with things”. It might sound weird to people but for many of us life wouldn’t have much meaning if we didn’t get to /:Fly:/ fish. We will always have things to look forward to, trips and days out that will take our mind away from the stress of the squirrel wheel and those trips and days out will also be the “charging of our batteries” that will give us a more positive way to handle they must-dos and stress of the everyday life. We will also have that unique camaraderie and friendship that comes from sharing something so special together.

I am no psychologist, and I have no real proof data to support my theory, just my own sense of coherence and my experience from being around other /:Fly:/ fishermen.

Sense of coherence trough the way of the /:Fly:/

*Source data from Wikipedia

I need your T-shirt!

What more could you possibly wish for your branded T-shirt than for it to be seen on me with a suit jacket in my office!!!! …, well probably a whole lot more but let’s just pretend that you don’t have higher ambitions than that!

Yes sir, this is a roll call to all of the /:Fly:/ fishing community!

As you probably know (yeah, who am I kidding) I have started a series of blog post where I post photos of me running around in the office with fly fishing related t-shirt on called There’s one in every office. Now I don’t have an unlimited amount of /:Fly:/ fishing t-shirts laying around, so eventually I am gonna run out of them!

So that is why I shamelessly want YOU to send me your /:Fly:/ fishing related t-shirt, if you are a manufacturer of /:Fly:/ fishing products, shop owner, blogger, magazine editor or just someone who likes to print /:Fly:/ fishing related clothes then I need your T-shirt! The more rare the better! (Okay, so if you don’t want to send me one for free then second best would be to send me a link to where I can buy it instead!)

The /:Fly:/ revolution will not be on the six o’clock news!

The fly is dead, long live the /:Fly:/

Have you thought about the word “Fly” and how many things it can actually represent. It’s obviously a noun, there are a whole bunch of things called a “Fly” not to mention all insects that have fly as a second noun: dragon fly, house fly, horse fly, mayfly etc. But the word “fly” can also be a verb as you know: “to fly an airplane”, “the kite can fly”, “fly to the moon” etc. I mean the word “fly” can even be an adjective! Thanks to hip-hop culture we can nowadays regard people as being fly: “he’s a real fly guy”, “word homie, that ride is super fly” etc.  (?)

And in the middle of this mess, in this cluster of everything that can be called “Fly” sits the “fly” fisherman (or even the fly fly fisherman if he is extra cool).

Now have you thought about this? You probably haven’t. I didn’t either up until very recently. We who think or ourselves as being part of a very special community, a bunch of people from different cultures, races, religions and age that have developed a mutual understanding of things, a community that is like a family to us, and a special way of life. We have gathered up around the “Fly” that is ours for several hundred years and we LIVE by our “Fly”. And despite all of this we still are just bundled together under the same common “Fly” that houses all of that I mentioned above. We are still just looked upon as the same thing as a manure eating House fly, as a bird who fly, as a guy with his baseball cap turned around?!

“A fly is a fly” I hear the establishment say. I say NO MORE!

Let’s rise up together as one and declare that we are no longer a part of the herd that is the word “Fly” today. We declare independence!

We invent a new noun, we separate from the rest and we stand together!

We are no longer men and women of the Fly, we are now followers of the /:Fly:/

There’s one in every office pt.III

I am gonna run out of fly fishing related t-shirts… or get fired while trying! I hadn’t used my old G.Loomis T-shirt in a while, but for this series it fitted right in.

Keep walking the way of the /:Fly:/, the revolution will not be televised!

Sorry for the grim look, I was getting yelled at by my boss. No I lied I was just trying to look cool

Photo – The circle is closed


You can’t always recall the first fish you caight on your own, you might remember it vaguely but it’s more trough the stories from your father who was there to witness it. There’s been fish caught way later than that first one that you will remember for the rest of your life.

But the day your son catches his first fish, on his own, and you are there to see it and help him land it and it is in the same waters that you yourself caught your first fish some 30 years ago. When that day comes, you will remember that fish and that day for the rest of your life and cherish that memory as something more special than any fish you yourself will ever catch.

The circle is closed.

Celebrities reincarnated

Marty Feldman, is that you?