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Photo – where poems are written

I am spoiled.  Sometimes I think i don’t appreciate the beauty around as much as I should, just because I live in the middle of it everyday. This is amazing scenery, where poems are written and souls are lost . I want nothing else.


Photo – tomorrows fly today

I am just exhausted from a really bad day at work. I would have opted to go fishing after work but sometimes things are not possible, family committeemen has to come first. So I am aiming to go fishing tomorrow instead, hoping to get some ease of mind and battery charging then.

So I can’t really get myself to publish the whole article on that Mohican variant today, will do it tomorrow instead, but todays photo will be a sneak peak of the fly which I am gonna cover in the article tomorrow!

Photo – give me some sugar baby

One of my biggest inspiration when it comes to super realistic display flies back in the days (and still) was Graham Owen. I’ve mentioned Graham previously here and he is worth mentioning again. Anyway, a few years back I sent him some ants and a beetle that I did that I had (quite badly I must admit) clipped of the hooks from to make them useful as just insect imitations.

Anyway, he ended up taking some great photos of them fighting over some sugar which he used on his website later that year. I still kept those photos because I find them really, really cool.

Photo – Serenity

For anyone who have ever traveled between Finland and Sweden in one the the famous ferries they are sure to have seen this sight. A lone house in the middle of a very barren island with nothing but the bare cliffs to surround it. It is a fascinating sight to me. Who lived there?  Do they fish? Do they live there all year round? Are they glad we don’t get storms like Irene here?

I like to think that I’ll go on that island one day. I probably won’t but it is a nice thought.

Photo – getting ready to land

One of the best things with having an interest such as fly fishing is that you get to spend time outside and get to see so many thing in nature that amazes you all the time. Last summer I spent a lot of time taking photos of birds trying to get to know my new camera. This is one of my favorite photos of the small crow as it comes in to land. I haven’t been out as much this summer, I need to get out with the camera more now as summer slowly turns to fall.

Photo – roll casts only

Somewhere deep in the forest somewhere flows a dark mystic river. With some big shy golden trouts. Getting down to it is an adventure in its own. And once you get there you are met by trees all over the place, growing all the way down to the river, not a single man made casting canal any where. And it is deep, very deep at places.

You can get out a little bit, perhaps a meter or two, wading.

If you don’t master the roll cast – don’t even think about going there.

Photo – no blogging today

I am sorry Ulf can’t blog today, he has a date with a couple of high class ales and then some friends at the pub. Back tomorrow again!


Photo – Splitt vision

Fisherman and trout view of the TDLW emerging/egg laying caddis, no more or less.

Photo – the fin of the grayling

Some people say that trout are their favorite fish to fly fish for, that they don’t care for any other fish. These people would never go fish in a place where there are no trout. The would certainly never admit to the Grayling being a fish they would fish for other than by accident while fishing for trout.

I am not one of them.

I have gone on several fishing trips targeting only grayling. A fantastically beautiful fish that are the most perfect dry fly target you can imagine. When you see it in the water, with its majestic back fin fully expanded, moving gracefully across the current. You can really understand then why some people call it the Queen of the streams.

This close up photo of a Graylings fin is taken by my good friend Björn Arkenfall at

Guest blogger – Aleksandar Vrtaric

Today I start a section of guest bloggers here at “The way of the /:Fly:/”, people that I know that represents /:Fly:/ fishing in a way that I like, that have interesting view on stuff or are just plain funny. We start out with Aleksandar Vrtaric, an ethnic Slovenian who nowadays live in the city of Karlovac in Croatia. Aleksandar is a freelancing photographer who has really made a name for himself with breath taking /:Fly:/ fishing inspired photographing. I am very happy to have him on here describing a little about his passion for /:Fly:/ fishing and also sharing some of his amazing photos!

Check out more of Aleksandars work at HTTP:// 

The way of the /:Fly:/ according to Aleksandar Vrtaric

Some people are addicted to drugs, some to alcohol, cigarettes, shopping, religion or gambling and some are addicted to fly fishing. Well, hello there! My name is Aleksandar Vrtaric and I am a fly fishing addict. To me, fly fishing is an amazing prism that breaks into many different colors, a passion and a game. Like any other addiction, fly fishing it is a way to cope, to hide and escape, to feel happy, satisfied and fulfilled and to belong.

Of course, having my camera along makes it even more fun and I am having great times trying to capture the sweetes addiction with all its parts and stages. It may be a fish, it may be an angler, it may be me, it may be an insect, a carefully tied fly or a unique scenery – being a fly angler means that you are constantly surrounded by inspiration and being a true addict normally means you want more. I am and addict. Do I want to be cured? Hell, no!!!  I want more!!!

All photos above are full copyright Aleksandar Vrtaric 2011.