Caddis fly project 2013 – #2 – 3

Number 2 & 3 in the Caddis fly project.

First is one of the most famous caddis imitations there is; the G&H Sedge! Developed by John Goddard and Cliff Henry many years ago it is used by trout fishermen all over the world. It mimics the silluette of a hatched caddis fly and it was originally menat to be fished actively to imitate the newly hatched caddis as it is swimming to shore, and I have had my best fishing with it when I fish it very actively. Sometimes I fish it across a current and then fish it actively on the swing and against the current to make it dive down underneath which can produce some nice takes!


Next one is a real personal favorite of mine, a pattern that imitates a fluttering caddis: Nalle Phu, by Simmo Lumme from Finland. Nalle Phu means Winnie the Poh in Swedish, and the original fly was tied in orange/yellow colours from which is supposedly got its name. Originally it had a wing made from bear hair, I use Poly yarn or any other syntetic material instead. This dark variant in size 14 has probably been my most successful variant! You can fish it exremy active on the surface, hold the rod high and make it skip across the current!



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