A little bit of everything = something really good?

Sometimes you end up just borrowing a little bit of everything from different patterns that you feel have been successful and it end up to look better than you imagined it from the start! This is a good example of that, I’ve used a little polar bony as a back bone, pearl flash, white bucktail, chartreuese soft Bird fur feathers, white and chartreuse Fin racoon hair and more! A big head with a lot of possibilities to push waters, really soft and moving bird fur feathers ties both inward and splayed out will add a lot of fluttering movment bot on retrieve and when stopped. The rac hair will add extra movement in the head with its vibrating abilities and of course the color combo of white and chartreuse is THE most successful spring color (and quite a good autumn color too)! The size is about 25 cm (10 inches) which is also kind of perfect when you look for unweighted flies with a lot of “self movement” so to speak, i.e. flies that when stopped will keep pulsating and flutter instead of being actively fished with jigging movememt. Bucktail as a support also have the effect where it can make the fly go out to the side when hard retrieved. Something that is extra special when you tie them articulated, which I feel I really need to do!

Oh well, as you guess I am rather please with how this one looks! 😀

s_IMG_8080 s_IMG_8081


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3 responses to “A little bit of everything = something really good?

  • Big Pike Flies

    Is it a standard tie with allot of material or a hollow style tie for the bulk. Looks awesome. Send me about 5 dozen in random colors 🙂
    Seems like a semi small hook gap. Do you seem to have any problems with hook-ups?

    • Ulf Hagström

      James, it is a hollow tie with Polar Pony hair used much as Bucktail would be in a standard hollow tie, i.e. tied forward and then folded back to create a “halo” onto which other materials can be tied over. In this case I’ve used one of my absolute favorite natural materials which is greatly overseen by pike fly tyers: Whiting Bird fur. It has a lower third of the feather that are very similar to marabou and then the top two thirds are more like a combination of a spey hackle and a saddle feather. It rocks! 😀

      In clear water this has been my most productive color combos over the past years. What’s your experience with clear waters, what colors do you favor?

      • Big Pike Flies

        Chartreuse in clear water ( winter) and blaze orange in dirty or stained (summer). The majority of my fish are caught in summer when are waters are stained, so orange is the biggest producer by a mile.

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