Monthly Archives: October 2012

Fall pike fishing

Been out quite a few times lately with mixed results. What I have been getting are a whole lot more pikes per outing than before, but still missing the bigger ones. Tomorrow we’re going out to some big-pike-waters, hoping for the +100 cm one. Here’s some photos from lately.

Who needs bucktail anyway?

Hollow tie flies where you base the fly on a splayed out base of bucktail are perfect for pike flies, it creates volume without volume so to speak. But if you don’t have the correct color of bucktail, then what do you do? You use Bug Bond of course! This fly is a hollow tie, just that instead of bucktail I have used a long fibered flash dubbing which has been treated with bug bond lite and then combed trough thoroughly. Creating the same flexible base to tie the fly over as bucktail would have done!



Fall fishing with dry flies for grayling

I’ve been lousy to keep you up to date with what I am doing. You better friend me on Facebook if yo want more regular updates 🙂

Anyway, two weeks ago I went up north for a little fall trip fishing for grayling. It was so much fun. The fishing was mediocre but all else was fantastic! Just wanted to share with you some photos from it. Hope you like them!

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Pike flies for the fall

As you all know by now I run a small distribution company by the side of my regular office job trying to distribute new fly tying materials to dealers here in Scandinavia. Apart from it being very fun and challenging it also gives me as a fly tyer the opportunity to try new materials. My main philosophy is to never sell anything that I don’t like myself.

So here’s some new pike flies I’ve done, all with fantastic syntetic hairs and flash from Sybai: