Who needs bucktail anyway?

Hollow tie flies where you base the fly on a splayed out base of bucktail are perfect for pike flies, it creates volume without volume so to speak. But if you don’t have the correct color of bucktail, then what do you do? You use Bug Bond of course! This fly is a hollow tie, just that instead of bucktail I have used a long fibered flash dubbing which has been treated with bug bond lite and then combed trough thoroughly. Creating the same flexible base to tie the fly over as bucktail would have done!



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4 responses to “Who needs bucktail anyway?

  • james

    Have you actually fished it yet? My only problem with these type of material is that they do not last. Lots of fishing will tie them in knots and with one good fish, they are destroyed.

    • Ulf Hagström

      Oh yes, I’ve been out 1-2 times per week for the past month and a half or so. These flies, when strengthen with Bug bond are very durable. The synthetic and flash are over my expectation really. So far I’ve hade to change fly more often due to damaged hooks from touching the rocks in the back cast than from them being ruined from pike. One fly that had been particularly successful lately I’ve caught nine pike one, and the only thing that happened was that one of the saddle hackles along the side broke off 🙂

      All the best

  • Marc Fauvet

    “So far I’ve hade to change fly more often due to damaged hooks from touching the rocks in the back cast…” 😆 😆 😆

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