Soft caddis on the new Partridge spider hooks

When I was at the Somerset show in the US in November I met my good friend Mark Hamnet from Partridge hooks and he waas kind enough to hand me a pack of the new Partridge classic Spider hooks. As you know classic spiders might not be my prefered style of flies to tie or fish with, but I do love the type of flies because they represent so much history in fly fishing and are also beautiful to look at. I’ve had them laying around here ever since and today when I was cleaning out my big fly tying bag I found them and kinda just sat down and freestyled a kind of soft CDC caddis on the hook. If you ask me it looks nice. Eventhough it is not a spider. 🙂

Hook: Parridge cic spider #12
Thread: Veevus 14/0
Body: Stripped peacock quill Yellow
Wing: Three small CDC feathers natural
Thorax/head: Two partridge feathers and three CDC feathers in a dubbing loop.


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