The best tying thread I’ve tied with!

Late last year I started to hear about this new tying thread from Dernmar: Veevus thread that looked interesting. I got my hands on some spools about two months ago and have tied with it ever since. And I won’t probably need another thread ever again, that’s how good I think it is. Not only does it come in ALL sizes imaginable: 6/0 8/0 10/0 12/0 14/0 16/0 and in like 10-15 different colorus, it is also the strongest thread out there compared to it’s competitors. They also have this fantastic thread with a strange name “Stomach thread” that is something that can be used instead of antron yarn, floss etc. and also a perfect thread for pike flies!

Breaking strength per size:

uni 6/0 = around 930g
Gudebrod 6/0 around 920g
Danville 6/0 = 450g
veevus 6/0 = above 1kg

uni 8/0 = around 450g
Gudebrod 8/0 around 450g
veevus 8/0 = above 1kg

Gudebrod 10/0 around 270g
benecchi 10/0 = around 680g
veevus 10/0 = around 800g

benecchi 12/0 = around 450g
veevus 12/0 = around 530g

Griffiths 14/0 = around 450g
veevus 14/0 = around 520g

Danville 16/0 Spider Web = abt 141g
veevus 16/0 = around 430g

Seriously, the Veevus 16/0 has almost the same breaking strength as the UNI 8/0! Take my words, this thread will be the one that fly tyers choose from now on!

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6 responses to “The best tying thread I’ve tied with!

  • Thomas Schreiber

    Hi Ulf,

    Have You tested the breaking strength yourself or “copy/paste” it from some manufacture table?

    Love your new site by the way – tight lines!


    • Ulf Hagström

      Hi Thomas! The figures in the post I got from the manufacturer, but I’ve tried in “by hand” so to speak against UNI 6/0 and 8/0, Gordon Grifith 14/0 UNI 16/0, Benechi 10/0 and Danville Spiderweb. I felt theut difference qui te clearly on all but the Benechi 10/0 which feels in hand quite simillar in breaking strength.

      Have you tried the Veevus yourself? It looks to be quite easy to find in Denmark. Would love to hear what you think.

      All the best

  • Thomas Schreiber

    Hi Ulf,

    I have not yet tried it. There’s some hype about the thread on some forums, but to my knowledge Amann Serafil sewing thread is identical to the Veevus. The price for sewing thread is around 40 Danish kroner per 1000 or 1800 meters meter(!) The price for Veevus is about the same for 100 meters. Old wine on new bottles? 🙂

    I love my Spiderweb for all my dryflies though.


  • Marc Fauvet

    hi Richard,
    i don’t know it’s origins but it has to come from somewhere 😉
    as with any other company, the biggest cost in tying threads is not the thread itself but spooling them. give them a try, i’m sure you’ll be very pleasantly surprised.

    hi Ulf !
    i couldn’t agree more, these threads are tops ! i got several samples to review for my site and they’re all want to use now. i’ll finish the review after the fair next week in Stockholm. see ya there !

  • Christopher

    Hi, could be to so nice to tell us(me) where you bought the vevuus threads? I have searched but i can´t find it, i´m not the best searcher imo.
    Take care!

    • Ulf Hagström

      Hi Christopher!
      In Sweden there are only two-three stores that has it, Fiskarnas redskapshandel, Stockholms Flugfiskecenter and Leif Ehström Flies. For other conutries I am not sure, check out for a list of other dealers.

      Let me know if you can’t find it and I’ll try to help you.

      All the best

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