Small head bangers

Seriously my friends, these past weeks has been turbulent. My business has exploded with 8 new dealers comming in over the past two months and that has put me in a tricky situation but I am slowly catching up and to be honest this was kinda what I was hoping for anyway but it has in combination with tough times at the regular job left me with very little time for anything else. So sorry my lojal followers that I haven’t been blogging much lately.

I’ve put some time at the vise though, main goal to tie up fish skull patterns for the comming two big shows here in Sweden in march. I have really fell in love with the Small fish skulls to use for small zonkers!


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One response to “Small head bangers

  • Thibault

    Hi from France !

    I’m a reelly big fan of Fish Skull too. Easy and quick to ty patern for perch, asp and trout zonker. Which kind of curve shrank hook did you use for the samll size ? I’ve some problem to find the perfect wide without large curve eye.

    I will test the adds of silicon legs to improve vibration.

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