Still at it

So we finally got snow and fshing seems just a little far away for the moment. But it it less than two months until Pike season starts for real and as long as the winter doesn’t get any worse than we are having for the moment there should be open water to fish all the time. So it is more a matter of getting the time to get out (as always) and wanting to get out in minus degrees and snow.

For now I am still tying streamers and most of them are zonkers. The colors and the quality of those Polish quills Superior Zonker strips are just fantastic!

As many of you know the hype around the fly Pattegrisen for coastal sea trout has been uncompared over the last coupe of years, it seems like everyone is fishing it. Some people claim that it is the pink color that is the secret behind its success, so I did a couple of zonker streamers in the same pink color, let’s see how they work for my friends as they go sea trout fishing at Gotland in a few weeks.

I’ve also been doing more small streamer/baitfish pattern for the rivers. I really have confidence in these smaller patterns, 3-4 cm long they should be perfect for trout h in the smaller streams I love to fish. Like this one!


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