More light box photos

Still with only two small desktop lamps on each side, nothing on top, and the crappy 18-55 mm kit lens (wish I could afford to buy me a macro lens…) and with that in mind I think the results are really good.

I have added my own White balance but I need to adjust it a little because the  photos gets a little grey. F11 /2,5 s / ISO100 are good set ups for most flies but for the awesome Steve Silverio fly below I used F28 to try and get full focus on the whole of that big fly.

Yeah, I cranked out some of the flies I got as gifts or swaps in the US and practiced the photographing with the lightbox on those because I wanted to try it on some larger flies.

First this fantastic deer hair tube tied by Steven C.Washer

The I took a bunch of photos on this again fantastic deer hair fly tied by my homeboy Pat Cohen:

Lastly I gave this big Steve Silverio fly a try, as I said I needed to use much wider apperateure for that and it was the hardes to get a good clear light photo of, probably the kind of motive that would benefit from a third light from the top too.

Here’s the basic set up on the fly tying table, I actually like to use “Live view” on the camera when I am taking these shots or hook it up to the laptop and use that as a remote.


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3 responses to “More light box photos

  • Ulf Brandin

    A professional photographer was invited to a nice dinner at the home of one of the country’s best chefs. At the table during the dinner party said the famous chef to the photographer,-I have seen your pictures. They are fantastic, sharp and clear. You must have an awesome camera. The photographer thanked and replied that he thinks the food is superb. Beautifully served and great tasting. The photographer said, you must have an awesome stove…

    Ulf, your pictures works well in your new lightbox.

  • Sanders

    Nice looking set up…perfect!

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