One month old!

Time flies when you have fun, at least that’s what people say. I think that I’ve found a good rhythm and that I have come off to a good start with a good mix of rambling, fishing reports, fly tying articles and more. For the observant one you might have notices that most of my posts come at roughly the same time at the day, this is because I often bring the laptop with me when putting my youngest to sleep. I’ll be sitting in the downstair living room next door to his room and this is a very nice time of the day when I can sit by myself for 30-50 minutes or so and put down thoughts that have been running trough my head during the day.

I hope you have enjoyed the first month of The way of the /:Fly:/, there will be more months, hopefully years, and if you want me to change anything, add something, or have any special request just let me know!

Here’s some stats for you!

Number of posts: 91
Number of pages: 6
Number of categories: 17
Subscribers: 5

Views total: 6257
Most view on one day: 463
Top referrer: Facebook
Most vied post: Last of the mohicans (Step by step) (298 views)
Comments on posts: 91
Top commenter: Erin Block (thank you dear Erin)
Number of shares: 13 (10 on Facebook and 3 on Twitter)

And just to celebrate this past month I think we need to start touching a little more on my third interest (after fly fishing and beers) which is music. So here’s a little example for you, crank it up and sing along! 🙂

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