Fishing 2011-09-09

So these past two days has not been too good. I came down with something with fever and general fatigue and after I got home from work yesterday I kinda just slept until lunch today. Then as I got upstairs into the kitchen I thought to myself “I wonder if I were to feel better if I got to go fish”?

Well, to make a long story short; I did!

I got out only for a couple of hours later in the afternoon, at least the fever seemed to have settled down and I was able to do the walk trough the forest with the float tube to my home waters for the first time since May. I was kinda exhausted and sweaty once I got there but when I got down in the cool water I suddenly felt much better and the paddle out to my favorite island was pure pleasure.

You might remember that I broke my rod in the top of the butt last time I was out so I had managed to borrow an eight weight rod from a co worker a couple of weeks ago but after having postponed a couple of planned fishing days I was finally gonna get a chance to try it. Some rods you can easily use a line in one weight higher and some you can’t. This rod was closer to “you can’t”. I think the main problem is that the line is a GuideLine PIKE DC line especially designed for pike fly fishing and this CDS Rod was all top action and nothing else, it was not a good combo. But I managed to find a good technique to get decent casts going after a while.

On the very first cast thought something striked my fly so hard I almost lost the rod. I was so not prepared for it so by the time I got hold of every thing again and tried to do a strike back nothing was on. Dammed!!! Oh well, with a bit of luck it might strike again. So quickly out with the fly again, slightly too much to the left from where the previous cast landed, and it proved to result in nothing. Another try that landed almost exactly where the first one touched base and after just a couple of retrieves it struck again! It was a slightly bigger pike, and it fought fantastically, and the top action of the rod made it a dream to fight fish with but after a minute or two I could land it and say that it was somewhere around 4 and a half kilo, season best actually!

I had further contact with pike during the two hour I fished and I also landed a couple of smaller ones too, it was far better than I had thought it would be so early in the fall. But the water temp was probably much lower than I thought it be, I didn’t have anything with me to measure it with but it couldn’t be many degrees over 10-11 degrees from the feel of it.

Oh, and I tried to take some kind of trophy shoot of that first one, it was after all the season best. But sometimes you don’t quite get it right. A quick remote shot from the camera but all I got was a slightly unsharp shot of myself and the back of the pike. Oh well, it was not spectacular in size and better that it got the chance to swim back instead of me trying to fiddle with it too long just for a photo.


Beware of the teeth!!!

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