Say hi to Ingrid!

I like beer, no let me rephrase that; I LOVE beer!

Now if you go around saying things like that you will get either the “me too!” response or get people take you to the side to give you the number to the local AA groups. So I think that this calls for a little explanation.

If there was one interest that I have beside my fly fishing that I really can’t see me living without it has to be trying and drinking good beers. And when I say good beer I really mean GOOD beers! You won’t find me having a Budweisser ever, neither will it be likely that you find me drinking a Carlsberg, Heinikken or any other mainstream lager out there. Beer to me is Ale, Pale Ale, IPA, Double IPA, Stout, Imperial Stout, Brown Ale, Red Ale, Porter, Imperial porter, Double stout, Chocolate Stout and more. It is with very few exceptions top-fermeted beers made from micro breweries with often a higher alcoholic strength than your traditional beers.

It is drinks that are their own little journey, that take you to places you have never seen, leaves you in awe and still make you wish for more. It is the stuff of legends, made by the gods and drunken by the gracious few.It is mystical, cool, beautiful and deceiving and the same time. It is a mystic woman that promise much on a summer night, but leaves you there with your head spinning wondering where she went.

It is American, Danish, Swedish, Scottish, English and more. It is made by magicians at Sierra nevada, Great Divide, Shipyard, Uinta, Brew Dog, Nils Oscar and many, many more.

It so many things, and right here and now it is a Double IPA named Ingrid.

Hello Ingrid, want to follow me home?


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