Fly and tie magazine #4

The other day I recieved the fourth issue of German produced /:Fly:/ fishing and /:Fly:/tying magazine Fly and Tie magazine. A serious try at producing a bilingual /:Fly:/fishing magazine where all articles are on both German and English. The two editors Siegbert Stümke and Thorsten Strüben has used their connections in the /:Fly:/tying world to get some well known /:Fly:/tyers and /:Fly:/ fishermen to contribute with articles.

I have contributed both to issue number three (how to tie the foam mayfly) and now also to issue number four with an article on my wiggle baitfish and wiggle flies in general. The issue was good with some really high class fly tying articles and my article turned out nicely too but I was a little annoyed to see that they (despite my clear instructions) had missed to credit my friend Johan Nygren who supplies some awesome photos of fish from Iceland. Johan was nice enough to let me use them for the article with the only “payment” being that he’d be credited for the photos, which he wasn’t. Oh well, it was a nice issue never the less.

Well, I wish Siegbert and Thorsten good luck with this magazine project of theirs in future!


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