Pike tube flies

It seems that it has been quite a hype around pike flies on tubes the past couple of years or so, and with it it seems to have brought back some more creative tube fly tying for other species too. It took me some time to catch on the trend, in the end it was Simon Graham at pikeflyfishingarticles.com along with Danish fly tyer Jeppe Lyngsö who convinced me to try it. So this past spring I tied and fished almost only with tube flies for my pike fishing and it worked great. I was able to place the hook further back on the fly than for regular streamer type tying and it felt like I had more missed strikes on those day that they are a little slow and only nibbles at the tails.

Here’s a few examples of tube flies of mine:

There is one guy who really is one of the best and most well known fly fisherman for pike here in Scandinavia and he really is leading on the fly tying around pike flies too and that is Niclaus Bauer. I’ve been lucky to tie close to him at a few shows and he is a great guy and a really fantastic fly tyer. So here is a video where he shows one of his trademark pike flies on tube. Sorry for the Swedish but I think that you get the general idea of the tying anyway.

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