The flight to crystal river

Another little video cut together from the flight out to the river we fished about a month ago. It was a fantastic scenery and it is a little sad that I didn’t film more of the flight than I did. There are a few nice shots there but it is far from doing any justice to the amazing mountain country we flew over.

At that point we were as excited as kids at christmas morning. Four buddies who hadn’t been on a real fishing trip for more than three years, sitting ourselves in a helicopter about to fly out to a potentially great river. If the fishing wasn’t enough to look forward to, the helicopter flight kinda makes it double the excitement. If you have ever been flown out to a river with a helicopter you know exactly what I am talking about. I mean, c’mon we’re guys, we love anything with an engine and if it also flies it is just fantastic!

So here it is, the flight to crystal river, going on our way, the way of the /:Fly:/

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