Fishing 21st of August

So today it was going to happen for sure, a little more planned than last time, in another place than last time. No drunken polish guys to disturb me. Just me and (hopefully) a pike or two. I left after an early dinner for this special bay that has only a narrow channel into it and after that it opens up into almost a lake like structure with weed around the whole bay. Been there the past two summers, and even thought it is not the perfect spot for summer fishing I have so far only been here during the summer, and caught pike every  time, but this fall I am gonna give it a good try too, it got potential!

Now I walked through the woods to get to the only place that is really good to put your float tube in, a narrow opening in the weeds about 100 meters into the bay. Quickly inflating the tube, setting up the rod and choosing the fly to start with, a deer hair diver. Excitement was high as I entered the water.

Paddled out and started fishing. It was warm in the water still, the bay was to shallow to have started to cool off from the rain we’ve been having lately. I saw several small baitfish jumping in the surface like they do when predatory fish are around and also I heard loud splashed from somewhere in the weeds, it was promising! I fished the top section of the bay and then paddled out trough the small channel to fish the much deeper outside weed section.

The wind was tricky, it was quite hard coming into the bay so I got it from my right while casting. It also came in casts so sometimes just as you were to release the fly the wind suddenly increased blowing your fly into the weeds instead of just in front of it.

The broken rod on the old float tube

That was just what happened after about 40 minutes fishing. I stuck in the weeds and as I jerked my rod to get the fly loose it broke right off with a loud cracking sound! It turned out it had broke at the bottom section just where it sits into the middle section. Frustrating!!! I paddled the float tube to shore and sat down and had myself a cup of coffee there feeling miserable to myself. I was not in a good spell with my fishing lately.

So there was not much to do more than paddle back and go home and decide which rod to get for my pike fishing now.

Just as I came close to the channel a big splash exploded in the surface just 7-8 meters in front of me. Again a flood of cursing the broken rod came muttering from my lips. Then I remembered something.

I once saw Charles Jardine show roll casts with only the top section of a four piece rod. I wondered if I could get the fly out double hauling with only the two top sections of my nine weight? It was worth a try! It took a little practice but I soon got a decent technique going and managed some pretty good casts with it. I was just wondering what how I would be able to fight a fish should I catch one, and I got the answer to that there and then. A strike from a two kilo pike feels like the tug from a bus when you holding your rod in the middle section I tell you! It almost jerked the sewered rod from my hands. Fighting it was like having a three weight rod, and it was probably good it wasn’t any larger than it was. Eventually I got it in to the tube and released it back again.

That was more than I could have asked for so now I packed up and went home. A strange day with disappointment and excitement. Now I am gonna try and decide what rod to get.

Not the pike caught today but if you don't read this caption you will think it is. This one was caught at the same place a year ago.


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