Fishing (or not) last night

While others might be haunted by waters I live surrounded by waters and it doesn’t haunt me at all, on the contrary I like that very much! But it is not a river, or a little trout stream or even a lake or a reservoir it is the Baltic sea in all its majestic length. Now, I have fished the Baltic sea since I was a little kid and pike fishing in these waters is (as you know) close to my heart, and of course /:Fly:/ fishing for pike is tons of fun so even if I wished that I had a trout stream close by I am still very lucky to have such great fishing so close to me.

I am not at all very good at using the fact that I do live so close to these waters, there are even nice bays with weed surroundings that I can walk to from my home in under ten minutes. So I’ve decided to try and use this more frequently. Of course the longer we come into autumn the fewer hours I will have after work to put in fishing to. But yesterday I decided that as soon as possible I was gonna get out and do a few casts at the nearest spot, which is close to a very popular swimming beach. I’ve only fished there twice and one of the times I caught quite a nice four kilo pike there.

I had however forgotten that my fiancee had a meeting with the neighborhood coalition that gets together and plan meaningless parties and other excuses to get way to drunk. So I had to see to that my youngest son Wilmer was put to sleep while she was away, so there I lost an hour or so of fishing but the time was around eight when she got home so I figured I would have an hour or so of fishing anyway, good enough!

So hop into the waders, throw some flies and the reel and other stuff along with the camera in my WJ Storm dry bag and then I hoped on the bicycle and made my way down there. I checked that there was no other guys there fishing from the cliffs just outside the weed but there were no one there. Yes! So on with the reel, on with a /:fly:/ and wade out. Just as I reached the end of the wall of weed where the depth gets quite steep I hear voices from somewhere. I froze there for a second trying to locate if anyone’s comming my way or just walking by on the path above. Well, along came two guys speaking very loudly in polish, decently drunk, with each one carrying a spinning rod. I backed back in the weeds. The climbed up on the cliffs (still talking very loudly in polish) and started to throw big ass lures all over the place.

I backed even further into the weeds.

I packed up my rod and reel and flies.

I got on the bicycle and got home.

I was disappointed.

Next time I am aiming at getting out earlier, then I can go to this special place which is impossible to reach unless you have a float tube (which of course I do). But it is a ten minute drive with the car and another ten minute walk trough the woods and then some time to inflate the tube. So I need at least two hours of daylight available to go there. But I will.

Where I am going the next time



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