The fly is dead, long live the /:Fly:/

Have you thought about the word “Fly” and how many things it can actually represent. It’s obviously a noun, there are a whole bunch of things called a “Fly” not to mention all insects that have fly as a second noun: dragon fly, house fly, horse fly, mayfly etc. But the word “fly” can also be a verb as you know: “to fly an airplane”, “the kite can fly”, “fly to the moon” etc. I mean the word “fly” can even be an adjective! Thanks to hip-hop culture we can nowadays regard people as being fly: “he’s a real fly guy”, “word homie, that ride is super fly” etc.  (?)

And in the middle of this mess, in this cluster of everything that can be called “Fly” sits the “fly” fisherman (or even the fly fly fisherman if he is extra cool).

Now have you thought about this? You probably haven’t. I didn’t either up until very recently. We who think or ourselves as being part of a very special community, a bunch of people from different cultures, races, religions and age that have developed a mutual understanding of things, a community that is like a family to us, and a special way of life. We have gathered up around the “Fly” that is ours for several hundred years and we LIVE by our “Fly”. And despite all of this we still are just bundled together under the same common “Fly” that houses all of that I mentioned above. We are still just looked upon as the same thing as a manure eating House fly, as a bird who fly, as a guy with his baseball cap turned around?!

“A fly is a fly” I hear the establishment say. I say NO MORE!

Let’s rise up together as one and declare that we are no longer a part of the herd that is the word “Fly” today. We declare independence!

We invent a new noun, we separate from the rest and we stand together!

We are no longer men and women of the Fly, we are now followers of the /:Fly:/


About Ulf Hagström

Fly fishing, fly tying, family and going your own way; the way of the fly. View all posts by Ulf Hagström

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