Why I love to fly fish for pike

Seriously, my plan was to not add any more posts today, I mean how much can the fly fishing community take for one day? But then I found this video clip that someone posted on Facebook.

I grew up fishing for pike, I fished for pike with big lures some 20 years before I ever stepped down a river to cast a tiny dry fly to a (by comparison) tiny fish. So its just natural to me that they hold a special place in my heart.

They are just pure aggression, blood thirsty opportunist made for hunting anything that moves under and on the surface. I’ve had pikes that have attacked my fly five, six, seven times in a row during the same cast. I’ve seen pike come up and take frogs and ducklings. I’ve caught pikes with big sewer rats in their stomach. I’ve even caught pike that have had the tail fin of another smaller pike still sticking out of their mouths and still he went for my fly! I’ve seen dead pike on the shore line with salmons stuck down their throat because they sufficated from trying to swallow too big of a prey. Heck I’ve even seen pike attack a branch as it floated by just because it happened to twitch when it collided with a stone.

You can call them stupid, I call them determined! Tomorrow I am going out to try and catch one from my float tube!



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