I am on TV!

Or rather my fly is!

I met Englishman Chris Sandford at the Dutch fly fair last year and I found him to be a great guy to hang out with. Witty, possitive, kind and very knowledgeable. What was extra fun was that he really liked my flies and especially my old “Killer mayfly” pattern, my very oldest pattern that has gone virtually unchanged over the years.

Now a couple of months back I got an e-mail from him where he told me what tremendous success he had with this fly and attached a photo of an amazingly big brown at 9.6 Lbs from the river Test that he had caught on this fly! What a catch, and on a dry fly too!

Chris is a regular in angling press in the UK writing columns and appearing on TV, he’s also a well known tackle collector and fly tyer. Now on the latest episode of “Tight lines” on  SKY sports, the only full national fishing program on TV, he went on and talked about that big trout from the test and my fly. I am gonna need a bigger hat if people like him go on national TV and says “He’s an absolut genius” 😀

Here’s a link to the Podcast, the part with my pattern is just in the beginning. If you look at Chris fly and my original below you see that they are a little different though, that’s probably why he caught such big fish on it and I have never caught a fish over two pounds on mine


My original "killer" mayfly

Chris's monster brown caught on a "killer"

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3 responses to “I am on TV!

  • Daniel

    It is a genious design. The pattern are worthy some air time.

  • Sanders

    Beautiful fly! Glad it is getting some press. Well done!

  • Ulf Hagström

    Daniel, thanks a lot buddy! Swedish: den här flugan föddes faktiskt vid en sjö i området Vättlefjäll utanför Göteborg för en massa år sen. Har inte varit där på jag tror det är fem år nu men hoppas på att ta en liten mini-tour nästa vår i västsverige och ta en dag vid den sjön igen. 🙂

    Sanders, thank you very much! I just rad trough a lot of posts on your blog, quality stuff! Of course I also added it to my blogroll 🙂

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