Photo – “The bridge”

I’ve been over a few bridges over rivers and streams. I’ve  reached places that according to the map should hold a bridge just to find there was only the foundations for a bridge left. I’ve crossed wooden bridges and steel bridges. I’ve crossed over small planks and over large car ways.

However, being a little doubtful towards heights I have never crossed a more scary bridge than the one over the river Rena in Norway. It made a good photo though!

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2 responses to “Photo – “The bridge”

  • Sanders

    I’m with you, that bridge looks a little scary. I’m not sure how I’d do without rails…

    Just found your blog, looking forward to following along.

  • Ulf Hagström

    It does have a little steel net on the sides, but the most scary thing was the way it swayed up and down when you walked over it 😦

    Just found your blog too, will follow!


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