A new start

For the past three years (give or take a few months) I’ve been running my blog “the flies and lives of Ulf Hagström” (seriously, what kind of name is that?!) but for the past months I’ve felt like I need to take the blog to the next step or rather kill it and resurrect it as something new, better and with more thought behind it.When I started the old blog I did so just so that I could have somewhere to post up flies I tied and little texts, and maybe a photo or two or something. The problem was that I never really had a clear idea on what I wanted to do, no real concept behind it. Back then I was seriously fed up with all the forums I visited and the weird fights that everyone seemed to have, I just wanted to share fly tying and have fun. So I created the blog to have a place where I could post stuff and he or she who wanted to come and look at it should do so only if they wanted to.
Then came the Facebook explosion and it seemed I posted more there than on the blog and I have felt over the past year or so that I have not really found a good format for the blog in comparison to the social network postings. So this new format I’ve decided to set up will be more in the form av articles and longer writings, still focus on fly tying and fly fishing but with more product reviews and regular guests posting.
You go through different phases in life, some clearer than others, and after I created the original blog I had two years where I (for different reasons) had the fewest fishing days ever, no doubt about it. So the blogging came to be mostly focused on fly tying and other stuff. Boy would I have wanted it to be more fishing but that was not the case back then. As things are slowly changing in my life I have found myself with more and more fishing days again and I think that I can now find a good balance in the posts.

Don’t get me wrong, I love fly tying and I love the experimenting and the challenges of combining realistic appearances with fishable attributes that most people know me by, but in the very foundation of my fly tying is my fishing. I’ve fished since I was three and tied flies since I was 26, so as exciting as fly tying can ever be it is never close to the feelings you get from a day of fishing.  That said I am still going to post a lot of fly tying related posts and also I am going to try and put more step-by-step articles out instead of just “here’s a photo of a fly I tied today” like I did on the old blog  🙂

I have chosen not to import the old blog into this one, instead I start from scratch building something new. I will probably re-post some things from the old blogg from time to time, and I will keep the old one for people to browse to, and also so that anyone who have linked me in their blog roll will get the chance to change their links.

I have chosen my way, it is a way of living and a way of looking at life, I chose the way of the fly.


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Fly fishing, fly tying, family and going your own way; the way of the fly. View all posts by Ulf Hagström

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